Keeping legal documentation of fire protection (FP)

The processing of fire protection documentation is an integral part of fulfilling the obligations of a natural person or legal entity.

Each document has its role in fire prevention, but it must be “tailored” for each workplace.

FP documentation is usually processed and maintained by a professionally qualified person or fire protection technician.

Fire protection documentation is used to determine fire safety conditions in your operation or business activity.


  • documentation on inclusion in the category of activities with increased fire risk or with high fire risk
  • fire risk assessment
  • determining the organization of fire protection security
  • fire rules
  • fire alarm guidelines
  • fire evacuation plan
  • fire fighting documentation
  • rules of the fire reporting office
  • documentation on employee training and professional training of preventive fire patrols and fire prevention specialists
  • fire books
  • documentation on the activity and action capability of the fire protection unit, or the fire patrol
  • and other specific requirements related to the issue of fire protection

Thorough management of fire protection documentation is essential for the safe operation of companies and can also have a major impact on insurance coverage.